Baker’s Dirty Dozen:

Thirteen reasons why Baker needs to go


1) Transportation & Infrastructure — When Charlie was elected, he promised to “fix” the MBTA. (Show More)Instead, he’s working hard to privatize the T and break the unions. Now the trains are overcrowded and unreliable — and occasionally on fire. Underfunded public transportation across the state makes traffic worse and increases wear and tear on our highways and bridges.

2) Education — Charlie sided with dark money on 2016‘s Question Two.  (Show More)He even appeared in ads funded by Families for Excellent Schools — a PAC that got hit with the largest campaign finance violation fine in MA history. #SorryCharlie, out-of-state millionaires won’t dictate how our schools are run.

3) Protecting our Neighbors — Charlie Baker has vocally opposed the Safe Communities Act (Show More)… and any legislation to protect our immigrant communities. In fact, when the SJC ruled in favor of an undocumented immigrant who was held without cause, Charlie immediately proposed legislation to weaken the SJC ruling.

4) Energy — Charlie is an advocate for fossil fuels. (Show More) His Department of Public Utilities gave Eversource the go-ahead to increase its rates by hundreds of millions over five years. Furthermore, his environmental bond bill allows for natural gas to be classified as “clean energy.” #SorryCharlie, natural gas is still a fossil fuel. 

5) Social Safety Nets — Charlie loves cutting budgets for social support systems. (Show More) It isn’t until our most vulnerable end up hurt or dead that he swoops in to “save the day” with funds that should have been there the whole time. Rehab centers, homeless shelters, and even the Department of Children and Families have all been affected by his irresponsible budget priorities.

6) Cronyism — Charlie invited the NRA into our government. (Show More) In 2017, he appointed Ronald Amidon, the president of  the MA affiliate of the NRA, as the Commissioner of the Department of Fish & Game. #SorryCharlie, the NRA has no business in our state government.

7) Dirty Fundraising — Charlie’s been sending money to Republicans across the country. (Show More) He knows that campaign finance laws in Massachusetts limit how much the 1% can give a candidate — that’s why he created a joint fundraising committee with the RNC. Now his donors can write enormous checks, and the RNC gets their 40% cut to support the Trump Agenda on the national stage.

8) LGBT+ Protections — Charlie has been silent about recent efforts to repeal the public accommodations bill for transgender people. (Show More) This isn’t surprising, considering he originally opposed the bill, then took months to commit to signing it into state law. #SorryCharlie, we won’t let you throw our trans neighbors under the bus.

9) Hurting Our Credit — Massachusetts’ bond rating was downgraded for the first time in 30 years on Charlie’s watch. (Show More) Creative budget accounting (diverting money away from the rainy day fund) and cutting costs without generating revenue is just bad business.

10) Reasonable Gun Regulation — Charlie pushed back against our assault weapon ban. (Show More) In private, he even promised to lift the ban on silencers, against the recommendation of police chiefs across Massachusetts! #SorryCharlie, you can’t have it both ways when it comes to public safety.

11) Healthcare — Charlie has tried twice to remove 140,000 low-income Bay Staters from MassHealth (Medicaid). (Show More) He also defends Vertex Pharmaceuticals and its overpriced cystic fibrosis drug — while happily accepting donations from them

12) Death Penalty — Charlie wants to bring the death penalty back to Massachusetts. (Show More) Charlie is facing a primary challenger, so he’s beefing up his conservative credentials by trying to back the death penalty in our state. #SorryCharlie, Massachusetts doesn’t want the death penalty here.

13) Cover-Ups and Fraud — The State Police racked up hours of no-show overtime, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, while Charlie was in charge. (Show More)No one’s been fired, the money isn’t coming back, and it took a lawsuit from the Globe for the Baker administration even to admit it.